About Us

Well hello there my fellow nerd My website is about nerdy-ness and just how to have complet and utter fun my websit will contain..


Tips on random things.

Funny pictures.

Song lyrics...

And more



this is cute and true

04/24/2013 22:00
this is so feagin cute

nerdy bird shirt @ walmart.com. check it out

04/24/2013 00:37

Claires now sells nerdy glasses. Who knew?

04/23/2013 23:54
Go to claires and get nerdy glasses. I AM SO THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so walmart got nerdy stuff

04/23/2013 23:49
Go to walmart and get nerdy tees its awsome trust me.   -nerdychic.com

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